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Melissa the Medium

Saturday October 21, 2023 at 7:00 PM

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Melissa the Medium from Dubuque

Melissa Culbertson was born and raised in Dubuque Iowa. Ever since she was a young girl Melissa has experienced the presence of spirit in many ways. During her childhood she had many profound experiences with spirit and her psychic ability. It wasn't until later in life when she fully understood what her ability was. Melissa uses her Christian background for guidance as she delivers messages. The many paths that Melissa has walked in life have also led her to be a self-help coach. Many people have found strength, stability and love for themselves taking Melissa's courses. She also does Reiki, sound healing and grief classes. Melissa has been on live radio giving readings. She has also done many large group public events giving messages. Melissa enjoys bringing comfort, healing and honesty to those in need. She provides a beacon of light in the chaos. Melissa also does home clearings and have conducted ghost haunting tours at the Captain Merry Mansion in East Dubuque IL for the past two years.

"At the age of 5, I experienced a traumatic event. Through that event I felt a deep connection to God. I was brought up in the Luther church. We attended church weekly. I remember sitting in church feeling God in that place. Sitting in church looking at the backs of everyone's head I remember seeing beautiful colors all around them. Auras! There were many many experiences of De ja vu as a child. I had feelings of something that was about to happen before it happened. I was visited mostly at night by loved ones and others from the other side. My mother always had to stay by my side. As time went on I had many more of these experiences. It wasn't until later in my life that I really understood what it all meant. I went through a period of life when my anxiety was very high. Sorting that out brought my ability to light. The flood gates opened! I would be out in public and have to give messages to total strangers. I noticed that I was no longer having crippling anxiety. Which plagued me most of my life. This was some form of a release of the energy. I met a group of like-minded spiritual people at an open house at the Captain Mary in East Dubuque illinois. There I got to hone in on my gift and grow it. We would meet each week and help each other and develop our skills. Through a lot of my own self-healing I was able to really make this flourish. That was definitely an important part of this journey. Healing myself before helping others. I always felt drawn to helping others. It's definitely where I thrive. Doing hair for 19 years helped me get more prepared! Now here I am 7 years later. Giving medium readings, conducting self help classes, doing Reiki and Sound healing. It's been a beautiful journey!"


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